Starbucks Diverting Wasted Meals from Landfills to Foodbanks

business_ethics_highlights_2Can you identify the components of the “win-win-win” CSR opportunity that Starbucks is seeking here? Who wins, in what way? Does the fact that Starbucks stands to benefit rob the company’s actions of all or some of its ethical merit? Why or why not? >>>

LINK: Starbucks U.S. food waste plan has Canadian food banks ‘delighted’ (by Solomon Israel for CBC News)

A new plan by Starbucks to end food waste at its U.S. locations by donating all unused food to the needy won’t be coming to Canada just yet, but similar initiatives already exist on a local level — and the move by Starbucks may be part of a broader trend in the restaurant industry.

The coffee behemoth has dubbed its U.S. program FoodShare, and says it will use refrigerated vans to pick up unsold food from its 7,600 U.S. company-operated stores and distribute it through food banks. Starbucks claims the initiative will deliver almost 50 million meals by 2021 and help divert food waste from landfills….

What do you think?

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