Forced Labour in Pre-World Cup Qatar

business_ethics_highlights_2The situation described below is clearly a bad one. And multiple parties share the blame. Concerned observers will have different solutions to propose, some of which will be short-term solutions that do little to fix the longer-term problem, and others of which will be long-term solutions that do little to fix the immediate problem. The challenge: if YOUR immediate intuition is to focus on one particular time frame, can you set that aside and try to express what you think should be done on the other scale? >>>

LINK: Qatar 2022: ‘Forced labour’ at World Cup stadium (From BBC)

Rights group Amnesty International has accused Qatar of using forced labour at a flagship World Cup 2022 stadium.

Amnesty says workers at Khalifa International Stadium are forced to live in squalid accommodation, pay huge recruitment fees and have had wages withheld and passports confiscated.

It also accuses Fifa of “failing almost completely” to stop the tournament being “built on human rights abuses”.

Qatar said it was “concerned” by the allegations and would investigate.
The government said the welfare of migrant workers was a “top priority” and insisted it was committed to systematic reform of Qatar’s labour laws….

What do you think?

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