Do Supportive Bosses Mean Loyal Employees?

business_ethics_highlights_2Cynicism among office workers is often taken to be the norm. (That’s why so much of what goes on in TV shows like The Office seems so familiar to so many of us.) But the important question: is cynicism harmful? To whom? How? If we’re interested in business ethics, that means being interested in the institutional conditions that make it possible (or more likely) for people to behave ethically. And cynicism about ones workplace or ones co-workers is often cited as a corrosive factor in that regard. >>>

LINK: Employees with supportive managers may be less cynical of workplace, but may not feel more loyal to company (explaining research by Prof Kristyn Scott)

Employees who are cynical of their organization can take a more positive view of their workplace if they have a supportive manager – but it may not make them more loyal to their company, finds a new study by two Toronto university researchers.

“Companies invest a great deal in recruiting, training and mentoring their employees,” said Scott, lead author of the study and an associate professor at Ted Rogers School of Business Management. “If employees have a negative view of their company, this may in turn affect their job performance and commitment to their organization, which can be problematic.”….

What do you think?

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