Are Pharmacies Putting Profits Over Patient Care?

business_ethics_highlights_2In the piece linked below, pharmacist and health policy expert Scott Gavura examines the ethical questions that arise at the intersection between a for-profit enterprise (a drugstore or pharmacy) and a professional group (pharmacists) with a sworn obligation to the public good. Gavura grounds his discussion in a recent series of articles in The Guardian, but adds his own professional insight. >>>

LINK: Is a profit-first philosophy in retail pharmacy compromising working conditions and patient care? (by Scott Gavura for Science Based Pharmacy)

The tension between the “business of pharmacy” and the professional responsibilities of pharmacists, as health care professionals, has always been present in retail (“community”) pharmacy practice. For much of the past several decades, pharmacies have generally been owned by pharmacists, elevating pharmacy ethics and professional responsibilities to the level of the owner….

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