Uber and Tipping

business_ethics_highlights_2Tipping is more interesting, ethically, than is typically recognized. Some people think that tipping (in at least some situations) is a matter of justice. Others see it as a reward — optional but nice — for a job well-done. Still others see it as a form of extortion. And then there’s the fact that how managers structure business affects the likelihood of tipping and the size of the tips. All of that comes into play in Uber’s decision to start allowing (or perhaps implicitly encouraging) riders to tip drivers. Is this a move toward justice? A way to kill the simplicity of a system that Uber rider’s love? Both? Here are a few links… >>>

LINK: Tipping is Coming to Uber and it’s Going to be Awkward (by Joshua Brustein for Bloomberg)

LINK: Uber’s New Tipping Policy is a Mistake (by Rafi Mohammed for Harvard Business Review)

LINK: Tips for Uber Drivers? Not From Me (by Virginia Postrel for Bloomberg)

What do you think?

See also: Shoe Shine Ethics

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