Microsoft Expands Market via Involuntary Windows Updates

business_ethics_highlights_2The story below is about Microsoft, and what some (at least) see as its underhanded methods for getting people to upgrade their computers’ operating systems. As one of the editors of BEH wrote about a different issue, it’s a fundamental ethical principle for commerce that “If your business model relies upon customers not understanding your business model, your business model is not an ethical one.” In other words, it’s wrong to make money by means of trickery. (Question: does it matter that no money changes hands at the moment the upgrade happens? Does that stop it from being a question of business ethics?) >>>

LINK: Windows 10’s Upgrading Tricks Have Gotten More Insidious (by Patrick Klepek for Kotaku)

In the next few years, Microsoft wants Windows 10 running on a billion devices. One way it’s making sure that happens is by tricking users into upgrading in shady ways. But here’s the real problem: Windows 10 is a good operating system, and Microsoft’s tactics are giving it a bad rap.

Those stories about people getting accidentally upgraded to Windows 10 aren’t a myth….

What do you think?

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