Vegan Restaurants Aggressive About Ethics

business_ethics_highlights_2Most businesses act ethically, most of the time. And many businesses today proclaim their commitment to ethics (sometimes labelling it Corporate Social Responsibility or some such). A few companies (such as The Body Shop) have done well by loudly proclaiming their commitment to ethical practices. The article linked below is about a trend among vegan restaurants that sees them being quite aggressive about ethics — that is, aggressive in their stance that veganism is superior, ethically, to other diets. Veganism isn’t just a choice, these restaurants argue; it’s your moral responsibility. >>>

LINK: No meat? Yes please: Vegan restaurants get more aggressive, and more popular (by Joshua Errett, for CBC News)

“NO SALADS!” screams the sign on the wall. “MIX DRINKS NOT MORALS” yells another sign behind the bar.

And with that, the tone is set for a meal at Doomie’s, a no-meat fast food joint in Parkdale that is as forceful about what’s on its menu as what’s not.

Doomie’s is part of a trend in Toronto that’s seen veganism take an abrasive turn, with so-called “extreme vegan” cooks pushing in-your-face ethics, making the case that not eating animals is a morally superior lifestyle.

And to even the chef’s surprise, the vegan-or-nothing attitude is not putting off restaurant goers. In fact, judging by the lineups, it’s attracting them. ….

What do you think?

See also: Uncompromising Veganism (from the Food Ethics Blog)

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