Murder Charges in Rana Factory Collapse

business_ethics_highlights_2Remember the infamous Rana Factory collapse, back in 2013? While activists have focused (with some success) on getting North American clothing chains to work to get labour practices in Bangladesh changed, prosecutors in that nation have been working on arresting the people directly responsible. >>>

LINK: Rana Plaza collapse: 38 charged with murder over garment factory disaster (Reuters, via The Guardian)

A court in Bangladesh has formally charged 38 people with murder in connection with the 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza building which killed 1,135 people in the country’s worst industrial disaster.

A total of 41 defendants face charges over the collapse of the complex, which housed five garment factories supplying global brands. Plaza owner Sohel Rana is the principal accused.

Public prosecutor Abdul Mannan said 38 people had been charged with murder while three were charged with helping Rana to flee after the incident. Rana was arrested after a four-day manhunt, apparently trying to flee across the border to India…..

What do you think?

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