More on the Limits on Markets

business_ethics_highlights_2Here’s a new response to a commentary recently published in the Business Ethics Journal Review. (The original commentary was by James Stacey Taylor, who was commenting on Brennan & Jaworski’s recent book. In that book they argue (to put it briefly) that there are no inherent ethical limits on markets. If it is ethical to own or transfer something for free (e.g., as a gift) then it’s ethical to buy or sell it. Taylor offered a friendly amendment, but in the response below, Brennan and Jaworski push back. >>>

“I’ll Pay You Ten Bucks Not to Murder Me”, by Jason Brennan and Peter Jaworski

Abstract: James Stacey Taylor offers three interpretations of our thesis, and argues that only one of them goes through. His point is to clarify our view rather than critique our position. In this brief response, we argue that, upon further clarification, we could endorse at least one of the other interpretations, though as Taylor notes, we don’t need to for our book’s thesis to go through.

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