Should a Consumer Be Compensated for Disgusting Experience?

business_ethics_highlights_2Should a company compensate a customer who has a disgusting experience? A Toronto-area man recently bit into a chocolate bar, only to find that it was full of live, wriggling worms. The store offered him a refund — the product was, after all, defective. But did they owe him more than that? Setting legalities aside, here, do they owe him more? Should he be compensated for a disgusting experience? Or is financial compensation sufficient?


LINK: Man alleges he bit into Lindt chocolate bar, found ‘disgusting’ live worms (by Shanifa Nasser, CBC News)

…”When I went to eat it, I bit from the top and it tasted weird. And then I saw all these worms coming out of the chocolate,” Seneviratne said. “I was almost throwing up, it was disgusting.”

Seneviratne says he spit out the chocolate and promptly put the bar in the box to take back to the store.

He says he showed the product to the store’s manager, but received what he says was a less-than-satisfactory response. “When I showed him, he was like, ‘Oh I’ve never seen that before. All I can do is give you a refund.'”

That, Seneviratne says, was a shock. “I couldn’t believe he could only offer $2.79 for me eating worms.”

Seneviratne says after some back and forth the manager offered $25, but didn’t apologize….

What do you think?

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