Business Should Stay Out of the Way When Government Invests in Education

business_ethics_highlights_2This issue really keeps the “S” in “CSR”, and reminds us that social obligations can be obligations, even when there’s no business case. >>>

Paul Martin says business needs to let government lead on education, by Chris MacDonald for Canadian Business

Abstract: What can Canadian corporations do to help remedy the skills shortage that many see as limiting economic growth?”

…the most succinct answer came from panelist and former Prime Minister Paul Martin. Martin suggested, roughly, that the most important thing private enterprise can do is this: when governments try to invest in education, at all levels, stay out of the way.

Mr. Martin didn’t elaborate regarding what forms of interference he had in mind, what kinds of getting-in-the-way he wanted corporations to forego. But it’s not hard to imagine. Lobbying, both public and private, is likely to occur when companies think that governments are spending too much money on one thing, and (as a natural result) too little on others..

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