Are Non-Compete Clauses Ethical?

business_ethics_highlights_2Are non-compete clauses ethical? The issue at hand is whether employees own their “own” ideas, such as inventions or innovations, and should feel free to transfer them from one company to another, or if the company owns that intellectually property. Of course, in cases like the one below, the employee in question voluntarily agrees to the clause when the sign the contract. This still leaves open a) whether people ought to be offered such options (whether such limitations are inherently unethical), and b) whether the impact of such contractual terms are hard enough to foresee to make the moral status of the agreement questionable. >>>

LINK: Rogers tried to get Telus to release Joseph Natale from his non-compete agreement, sources say (by Theresa Tedesco and Emily Jackson for Financial Post)

Rogers Communications Inc. reached out to Telus Corp. three times over the past several months to ask for the release of former executive Joseph Natale from his non-compete agreement so Rogers could hire him as CEO — but Telus isn’t in a rush to negotiate, according to sources with knowledge of events….

What do you think?

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