Is Bribery Always Bribery?

business_ethics_highlights_2Is everything that’s even close to bribery unethical in emerging markets where corruption is prevalent? Bribery is illegal everywhere, but does that settle the issue, ethically? In some countries where salaries are deemed inadequate, “grease” payments are a way of life and act as a way to persuade someone to do what they are supposed to do.. >>>

LINK: Bribery a way of life for companies operating in emerging markets (by Alan Tovey, for the Telegraph)

Bribery is a way of life for British companies working in emerging markets, with 85pc of managers forced to resort to it to do business, according to a new report.

A 12-year inquiry by Prof Andrew Kakabadse, of Henley Business School, claims the vast majority of UK managers operating in these markets resort to the dishonest practice on a monthly basis – often with the tacit permission of their chief executives.

The days of used banknotes being handed over in brown envelopes are gone, Mr Kakabadse said, with bribery having turned into a “highly organised, almost professionalised, business of agents taking ‘facilitation fees’ to secure deals”…

What do you think?

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