Refugees as Cheap Labour

business_ethics_highlights_2Nature, it is said, always finds a way. The same might be said of markets. In particular, it seems that in a vigorous market, no resource will go unutilized — and that includes sources of cheap labour. When there’s a large population at hand, hungry for just about any kind of work, it’s predictable that someone is going to take advantage. And headlines about child labour are bound to make people angry. On the other hand, the owners of factories offering off-the-books jobs to Syrian refugees are doing more for those refugees than most Europeans or North Americans are. >>>

LINK: Refugee children ‘making Marks & Spencer clothes’ in Turkish factories, BBC claims (by Adam Lusher for the Independent)

Syrian refugee children have been making clothes for Marks & Spencer, it has been claimed.

An undercover Panorama investigation of factories in Turkey allegedly found children had been working on clothes for Marks and Spencer and for the online retailer ASOS.

Panorama – Undercover: The Refugees Who Make Our Clothes, to be broadcast on Monday night, will also claim that one factory boasted of making clothes for Next while employing Turkish children and Syrian refugees….

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