Doing Well… for the Greater Good

business_ethics_highlights_2 In the short commentary linked below, BEH editor Chris MacDonald explores the fraught terrain of the connection, overlap, or tension (depending on your point of view) between being a profitable company (roughly) and being a good corporate citizen.


LINK: Doing Well for the Greater Good (by Chris MacDonald for BBBTrusted)

…Perhaps the two go hand in hand. Many have pointed out that any minimally decent business does good in the world simply by providing a product or service that people want. Every honest, voluntary business transaction, after all, makes both parties better off. That means most successful companies are able to thrive only because they do good for many, many customers. Day in and day out, they provide value. In the aggregate, that’s a lot of good! Microsoft, for example, has done an enormous amount of good in the world, over the last four decades, by giving millions of businesses the ability to use the kind of sophisticated computer technology that was once reserved for government-funded research labs. … In that sense, Bill Gates probably did more good for the world during his years as Microsoft’s CEO than he has through the admittedly wonderful work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation….


What do you think?

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