Apple’s Tim Cook on the Big-Scale Social Responsibility of Companies

business_ethics_highlights_2 The term “CSR” (corporate social responsibility) is sometimes used in an overly-broad way, as if it included every ethical issue in commerce. (See a critique of such usage, here: “CSR is Not C-S-R.”) In the article linked below, Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about the BIG-scale social responsibilities of companies like his.


LINK: Apple’s Tim Cook Barnstorms for ‘Moral Responsibility’ (by Andrew Ross Sorkin for NY Times)

…And now Mr. Cook is one of the many business leaders in the country who appear to be filling the [legislative] void, using his platform at Apple to wade into larger social issues that typically fell beyond the mandate of executives in past generations.

He said he had never set out to do so, but he feels he has been thrust into the role as virtually every large American company has had to stake out a domestic policy….

What do you think?

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