Why Diversity Is Good For Business

business_ethics_highlights_2 Although the piece below focuses on the business case for diversity, don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not also about ethics. For one thing, doing your best to do well in business can be an ethical obligation, especially when stakeholders are relying on you. For another, doing well in business specifically by showing people respect is arguably an especially praiseworthy way of doing well.


LINK: This Is Why Diversity Is Good For Business (by Steven Murphy for HuffPost)

In the past few days, business leaders across the U.S. have spoken out against President Trump’s executive order on immigration. From Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google to Ford, Starbucks and Goldman Sachs, CEOs have reinforced that diversity is a strength. The Canadian tech community also wrote an open letter in support of diversity.

Indeed, the business case for diversity is compelling….

What do you think?

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