Ethics and Culture at Uber

business_ethics_highlights_2 In the piece linked below, the author considers the relationship between corporate culture and ethics. Uber’s new CEO has vowed to change the company’s culture. Will that change its ethics, either at the micro (individual decision-making) or macro (corporate policy) level?


LINK: Changing Culture and Ethics at Uber (by Gael O’Brien for Business Ethics magazine)

“The best things leaders can do,” leadership expert Joanne Ciulla said in a dinner conversation with ethics officers and others, “is create an environment where behaving ethically is easy.” Ciulla, Academic Director at Rutgers Institute of Ethical Leadership spent a week in November as a Verizon Visiting Professor at Bentley University.

That advice applies to leaders taking a fresh look at their culture, as well as newcomers facing down challenges of a toxic culture they’ve inherited. As to the latter, I’ve been wondering how Uber’s new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will approach culture change and problems left by his predecessor, founder Travis Kalanick before his ouster….

What do you think?

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