Best Workplaces for Diversity, 2017

business_ethics_highlights_2 A diverse workplace is a wonderful thing. First, it’s a sign (although an imperfect one) that a company’s hiring practices are fair. Second, it means that diverse viewpoints are brought to bear on any problem the company faces. The report linked below lists 2017’s “100 Best Workplaces for Diversity” (in the U.S.) as determined by Fortune magazine. As always, it’s crucial to look at the methodology for such rankings. In this case, the researchers “got feedback from 442,624 employees on more than 50 survey questions anonymously rating their employers.”


LINK: The 100 Best Workplaces for Diversity (from Fortune)

…For the purposes of this list, “diverse” employees were anyone who identified as a racial/ethnic minority, female, LGBTQ, disabled, or who was born in 1964 or earlier. We compared the experiences these employees reported to that of their colleagues, focusing on areas that the data revealed the most differentiation in their daily workplace experience. We also considered the degree of representation in the organization….

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