Who Will Punish VW?

business_ethics_highlights_2This opinion piece from The Guardian suggests that regulators have done too little to punish Volkswagen following the emissions-cheating scandal. The company has a new CEO, and has fired its top lobbyist, but the opinion expressed here is that the company still has a long way to go if it is to earn consumers’ trust—and their dollars.


LINK: If governments will not punish VW’s shocking behaviour, consumers must (by xxx for xxx)

…While $4.3bn of fines have been imposed by US authorities, EU ministers have yet to hit the firm with any financial penalty. In the face of such timidity, VW has maintained it does not need to pay compensation to European drivers, including the 1.2 million cars sold in the UK that were fitted with cheat devices. To the UK’s credit, on Friday ministers did pledge unlimited fines and criminal charges for carmakers found fitting cheat devices, but that will do nothing to punish past failings.

So if governments and the car industry can’t be relied on, where does that leave us? It’s time motorists exercised their consumer power….

What do you think?

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