Competition, and Being a Jerk

business_ethics_highlights_2This commentary takes as its point of departure a matter of sportsmanship involving Canada’s Olympic curling team. But the point is much broader. There have been great business leaders who were also reputedly jerks (Steve Jobs, for example). But logically speaking that doesn’t mean you need to be a jerk to be great.


LINK: Being a jerk doesn’t make you a better Olympic competitor (by Mark Kingwell for The Globe and Mail)

…Here’s a radical notion: You don’t have to be an awful person to be good at what you do. Giving yourself permission to be a jerk is the first step on a slippery slope of knock-on bad behaviour: heedlessness, punching down, harassment. It’s also true that, though jerks sometimes do succeed in the world, that’s no reason to stop calling them out. …

What do you think?

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