Georgia Punishes Delta over NRA

business_ethics_highlights_2It’s unusual for a government to punish a company in such a blatantly political way. The state of Georgia has passed a bill that was supposed to include a tax exemption for jet fuel, an exemption intended to benefit Delta Airlines, a major employer in the state. This was in response to Delta’s decision (as part of the #BoycottNRA movement) to stop offering special benefits to members of the National Rifle Association. The state’s conservative Republican governor, Nathan Deal, has indicated that he took that as an attack on conservatives.

Two points need to be made:
1) So much for freedom of association. Georgia lawmakers want to force Delta to affiliate with the NRA.
2) So much for the idea that there’s public-policy justification for tax breaks. I mean, if good public policy demanded a tax break, you’d still give one even if you didn’t love the company, right?


LINK: Georgia Passes Bill That Stings Delta Over N.R.A. Position (by xxxx for NY Times)

Georgia lawmakers approved a bill on Thursday that stripped out a tax break proposal highly coveted by Delta Air Lines — the most stinging punishment that America’s pro-gun forces have leveled so far on one of the many corporations recalibrating their positions on firearms after the Florida high school massacre.

The $50 million sales tax exemption on jet fuel that was sought by Delta, one of Georgia’s biggest employers, had been included in a broader tax-relief bill. But this week, a number of Georgia Republicans, including Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, sought to remove the perk as retribution for Delta’s decision to end a promotional discount for members of the National Rifle Association….

What do you think?

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