Verizon, Wildfires, and CSR

business_ethics_highlights_2 This is perhaps as pure a case of (failed) CSR as you’re going to find. This isn’t about a corporation’s responsibilities to its customers, or to its employees, or to its suppliers, but quite literally to society as a whole.


LINK: Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during Calif. wildfire (by Jon Brodkin for Ars Technica)

…”In the midst of our response to the Mendocino Complex Fire, County Fire discovered the data connection for [fire command vehicle] OES 5262 was being throttled by Verizon, and data rates had been reduced to 1/200, or less, than the previous speeds,” [Fire Chief] Bowden wrote. “These reduced speeds severely interfered with the OES 5262’s ability to function effectively. My Information Technology staff communicated directly with Verizon via email about the throttling, requesting it be immediately lifted for public safety purposes.”…

What do you think?

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