Musk, Marijuana, and the Obligations of a CEO

business_ethics_highlights_2When a CEO makes use of a semi-illegal (or semi-legal) drug in full public view, just what kind of problem is it. It’s clearly a problem. But is it an ethics problem, a legal problem, a corporate policy problem, or a PR problem?

Note: prior to June of 2010, Tesla was a private company (with a handful of private investors, rather than thousands of shareholders). If this had happened prior to 2010, would that make a difference?


LINK: Elon Musk may have violated Tesla’s business conduct policy by smoking weed (by Michelle Castillo for CNBC)

Elon Musk’s public marijuana consumption could be a hit to his professional career.

The Tesla CEO appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast on Thursday night, where he discussed a wide range of topics including his tweeting behavior, his Boring Co.’s flamethrowers, and “neuralink” devices that could connect brains to computers. He also sipped whiskey and definitely inhaled a mixed tobacco and marijuana cigarette.

One could argue Musk was representing Tesla as its CEO during the interview. By imbibing alcohol and marijuana, he was “under the influence” while at work….

What do you think?

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  1. Ralitza

    I think it’s hypocritical to hold Musk accountable for consuming legal substances (marijuana is legal in CA) while politicians are doing far more illegal and immoral things and they are getting a free pass. If anything, after watching a big chunk of the interview, I am more inclined to invest in Tesla.

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