Silicon Valley Employees and Moral Objections

business_ethics_highlights_2Military-grade artificial intelligence. Civilian surveillance. Censored search results. These are some of the high-tech projects that Silicon Valley has been working on. But it would be a lot easier to accomplish such projects if the Valley’s employees weren’t so cranky about them. It turns out that a significant number of those employees have moral objections, and aren’t being quiet about them. One question worth discussing: are the companies in question putting profit before ethics, as the headline below suggests, or are they just reaching a different set of ethical conclusions than some of their employees reach on those same topics?


LINK: How tech employees are pushing Silicon Valley to put ethics before profit (by Alexia Fernández Campbell for Vox)

…Internal protests at some of America’s most powerful tech companies reflect mounting employee concerns about the ethical implications of the technology they are developing. Some of their protests have had an impact; others have not. But their calls to put ethics and values before profit are forcing Silicon Valley to consider the moral ramifications of what they’re creating, and whether it’s benefiting humanity and “promoting fundamental human rights” — or doing the opposite…..

What do you think?

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