Avoiding a Toxic Workplace

In the article linked below, Ann Skeet (of the Markkula Center of Applied Ethics) suggests a number of steps companies can take to avoid sliding into becoming a toxic workplace. Some of the suggestions are pretty intuitive (such as “Foster Empathy”) while others (like “Connect the Silos”) warrant further discussion and explanation. It’s worth thinking through what failures at each of the 9 factors Skeet discusses do to a workplace. Do you know companies that have failed in some of these regards, specifically?


LINK: 9 things companies should be doing to avoid creating a toxic workplace (by Ann Skeet for MarketWatch)

Toxic workplaces have become easier for corporate shareholders to recognize. This bodes well for changing practices to create safer, stronger companies and foster better business outcomes. Yet identifying bad practices isn’t enough. Culture management is a hard, technical skill. Company leaders need to paint a positive picture of the future in order for employees to have faith in their organization’s goal….

What do you think?

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