Covid-19: Should the 2020 Olympics Go Ahead?

Covid-19 is now a global pandemic, and public health experts are telling people to avoid large crowds. We don’t know when that advice will soften, but there’s a good chance we’ll all be practicing ‘social distaincing’ well into the summer. So, what about the Summer Olympics? That’s an event that will have hundreds of thousands of people flowing into a single city (Tokyo) to participate in large group gatherings (i.e., sporting events). Should the International Olympic Committee (IOC) cancel the games? What about the event’s corporate sponsors. They’ve paid millions to be sponsors. What should they do?


LINK: Coronavirus: Health experts say it’ll take a ‘miracle’ for Olympics to go ahead as planned (by Brian Hill for Global News)

…it would be a “huge ethical failure” if the IOC wasn’t seriously considering cancelling the Games given how the world has responded to the new coronavirus.

“It’s really a bad idea for the Games to proceed as planned,” MacDonald said.

Steven Hoffman, director of the Global Strategy Lab at York University and an expert in public health, agrees that it’s very unlikely the Olympics will go ahead as planned.

However, he’s slightly more optimistic than either Gardam or MacDonald about the IOC’s chances of holding a successful, albeit modified, Olympics….

What do you think?

See also, from June 2016: Zika Virus: Should the Rio Olympics Sponsors Back Out?

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