Price Gouging During Pandemic

This short posting includes a number of stories from the last few weeks related to ‘price gouging.’ More neutrally, it’s about situations in which prices have been raised, in a way that people find predatory or coercive.


LINK: Why Amazon can’t stop coronavirus price gougers March 5, 2020

LINK: Are jacked up prices of hand sanitizer immoral? It depends

LINK: Economists challenge necessity of enacting price gouging laws during coronavirus scare March 17, 2020

LINK: ‘We’re coming after you:’ Ford vows to make price gouging illegal March 26, 2020 (About the premier of Ontario promising to get tough on price gougers)

LINK: Experts Warn of New Round of Price Gouging for Masks April 2, 2020

LINK: Gov. Newsom issues executive order to thwart price gouging April 3, 2020 (Newsom is California’s governor)

LINK: Lexington company sells masks without profit after price gouging accusation April 03, 2020

LINK: Reporting potential price gouging in the state of Georgia” April 3, 2020

LINK: DOJ: Half a million medical supplies seized as part of price gouging and hoarding investigation April 3, 2020

LINK: A Hoarder’s Huge Stockpile of Masks and Gloves Will Now Go to Doctors and Nurses, F.B.I. Says April 2, 2020

What do you think?

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