Ethical Issues in NBA Finishing Season at Disney World

The item linked below is about the NBA’s decision to finish its season at Disney World — which is in Florida, which is currently one of the worst jurisdictions in terms of Covid-19. Key ethical issues to look at include:
– How much risk does this imply for Disney’s own employees? (i.e., the ones who aren’t rich like NBA players, and who have fewer choices in life). Relatedly: Disney World workers start petition urging theme park to delay reopening
– How much risk does this imply for players’ families? As the story notes, one player has already said “No thanks,” precisely for this reason. Healthy young athletes may well be at minimal risk. But their parents and grandparents aren’t. Hopefully suitable quarantine processes will minimize that risk. Hopefully.


The NBA’s Disney World dream could turn into a nightmare, fast
(by Hunter Felt for The Guardian)

Is basketball really worth all of this? Well, the forces of the marketplace have apparently decided that it is. Even if Florida’s coronavirus numbers are giving [NBA Commissioner Adam] Silver nightmares – and they should – it’s probably too late in the process for him to halt things. He’s not that different from many other business owners trying to figure out when to restart while knowing that it means gambling with workers’ lives. It’s just that his workers happen to be very famous….

What do you think?

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