Covid-19 Rate at Amazon

Some stories are only stories because of the brand name attached to them. This is likely one of them. Amazon is large, so it has a large number of employees who have tested positive for Covid-19. Compare: why are there so many robberies in Walmart parking lots? Not because Walmart’s parking lots are especially dangerous, but because there are so many Walmart parking lots.


LINK: Amazon reveals over 19,000 workers got COVID-19 (by Nexstar Media Wire for ABC News)

Amazon released data Thursday showing that 19,816 employees have tested positive or been presumed positive for COVID-19 since the pandemic began.
The online retail behemoth said in the statement that it chose to share the COVID-19 infection rates among Amazon front-line employees in hopes other companies do the same.
According to the company’s own analysis of 1,372,000 Amazon and Whole Foods Market front-line employees across the country, the 19,816 number is substantially lower than the general population rate, as reported by Johns Hopkins University

What do you think?

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  1. Amazon has been getting complaints about Covid-related safety issues since the beginning of the pandemic. There is also evidence that Bezos has launched a smear campaign against the worker who first blew the whistle about it in March and was fired for it, Chris Smalls. This “transparency” is just a PR exercise, since conditions haven’t improved much.

    Furthermore, the comparison between general population rate and company rate is useless and misleading. Companies are responsible for putting in place measures to preserve workers’ health and safety, such as wage and job protection if getting sick, or tracking, to begin with; and ensure their compliance. That has nothing to do with people not wearing masks, getting the virus in live concerts, or Trump rallies, where nobody else is responsible except for the individual. Moreover: a national average is too broad to be meaningful. Moreover: Is the company doing tests, how many, to whom? This is crucial to know who the company counts as Covid sick. Without this more fine-grained analysis, we only know what Amazon’s workers are saying: Amazon is putting profits before people. Which is consistent with other Amazon practices against workers rights and safety in the past and across the world.

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