Million Dollar Fine for Spammers

business_ethics_highlights_3This is a few days old, but still relevant. Canada’s Radio-Television & Communications commission has issued its first fine — a big one — against a spammer. Of course, historically big penalties don’t act as a deterrent. But still, it’s fun to see. >>>

CRTC issuing first fine under anti-spam law

The CRTC is preparing to mete out a $1.1 million fine against a company it accuses of “flagrantly” flouting Canada’s anti-spam legislation.

Quebec-based corporate training company Compu-Finder has 30 days to contest the CRTC’s ruling.

The Compu-Finder case represents the first time the CRTC has sought to impose a financial penalty under the anti-spam law, which came into effect in July.

The CRTC alleges the company sent commercial emails to consumers without their consent and did not allow recipients to unsubscribe from the mailings. The investigation was based on reports of four apparent violations of the law last year between July and September.

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