The Ethics of Timing Lay Offs

business_ethics_highlights_2Is there a right way to lay off employees? Is there a right day of the week for it? (Note: This is a Canadian case. Canadian labour standards aren’t quite as lax as American ones — Canada doesn’t have the same permissive employment-at-will as the US. But it’s not far off, with each province simply stipulating that employees be given certain amount of warning, or pay in lieu of warning.) >>>

Talisman Energy Inc, Nexen Energy ULC fire hundreds of employees in ‘bloody Tuesday’

St. Patrick’s Day turned into “bloody Tuesday” in Calgary as major companies Talisman Energy Inc. and Nexen Energy ULC — both recently acquired by foreign operators — axed hundreds of employees, adding to the surge of energy sector jobs cut as a result of low oil prices.

Talisman, the international oil and gas producer that has been purchased by Spain’s Repsol SA, said 10% to 15% of its employees and contractors would be laid off this week, or about 150 to 200 of 1,300 Calgary head-office jobs that support its global operations…..

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