Cathedral Drenches Homeless to Keep Them Away

business_ethics_highlights_2A church isn’t a business in the usual sense. But it’s an institution with property, and therefore faces problems any business would with regard to how the public uses the publicly-accessible parts of its property. >>>

San Francisco Saint Mary’s Cathedral Drenches Homeless With Water To Keep Them Away

Saint Mary’s Cathedral, the principal church of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, has installed a watering system to keep the homeless from sleeping in the cathedral’s doorways.

The cathedral, at Geary and Gough, is the home church of the Archbishop. There are four tall side doors, with sheltered alcoves, that attract homeless people at night.

“They actually have signs in there that say, ‘No Trespassing,’” said a homeless man named Robert…..

See also, from 2014: Anti-Homeless Spikes: Within Your Rights, but Wrong

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