Chinese Drywall Company Pays Up

business_ethics_highlights_2Tort law is supposed to be one of the forces that gives companies an incentive to behave well. But what about when the company in question is in a foreign jurisdiction? How easy is it to sue? How likely are you to win? And if you win, how likely is the judgment to be enforced? >>>

Chinese Drywall Firm to Pay Damages (NY Times)

Elizabeth Heischober has been waiting nearly five years for a Chinese company to honor a court judgment for contaminated drywall that upended her life, made her sick and wrecked her finances. Until now, she wondered if it would ever happen.

“We’d pretty much given up hope,” she said. “It’s been a nightmare.”

American consumers like Mrs. Heischober who have been hurt by defective products made by Chinese companies frequently have little recourse. But in a stunning turn of events, a Chinese drywall manufacturer has agreed to pay the….

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