Who Should Pay for Worker Training?

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Paying for Workers’ Training: If the ‘skills gap’ needs to be bridged, who should finance it? (4 points of view, in the NY Times)

In less than a decade, Virginia will need skilled workers for nearly 1.5 million jobs. Fifty to 65 percent of them will be as “middle skills” technicians, with good wages and career progression that require certifications, licenses, apprenticeships or community college certificates.

Noncredit courses and training, with financial support from government and industry, can create ready-to-work job applicants.
To supply the needs of advanced manufacturing, and the energy, information technology, cybersecurity and health care industries, Gov. Terry McAuliffe wants to see 50,000 more of those credentials in the short term and nearly half a million by 2030.

Traditional financial aid does not support tuition for certifications or other noncredit credentials….

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