Why destroy unused meds?

business_ethics_highlights_2What are the components of an effective plan, here? The right regulations, the right organizational structures, a bit of education and initiative. >>>

Recycling Unused Medicines to Save Money and Lives

It always troubled Deane Kirchner to throw away good medicine. When residents of the Lincoln Glen long-term facility in San Jose, Calif., where she is the director of nursing, changed dosages, had adverse reactions, or died, she did what health professionals regularly do: sent their unused medicines to be destroyed.

“Throughout my entire nursing career, it’s something I‘ve done,” said Kirchner, who has been a nurse for 21 years. “And each time I would think: ‘It’s such a waste. There are people out there who have to choose whether to buy medications or buy groceries.’”

Lots of people, in fact. In 2012, studies indicate….

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