S.A. Corruption Watchdog Eyes Canada’s Bombardier

business_ethics_highlights_2This story involves suspicions regarding the nature of consulting fees paid to help acquire a major contract. About 1/10 of 1% of the net value of the contract went to an agent who helped land the deal. That’s a drop in the bucket, except that in this case the bucket is incredibly huge. It is widely recognized among anti-corruption experts that use of such agents is by far the biggest risk factor with regard to bribery. When you pay someone five million dollars to “get it done,” some of that money can easily end up in the pockets of key decision-makers, and a bribe ends up happening in a way that gives the company involved a secure but false feeling of plausible deniability. >>>

South Africa’s corruption watchdog probes Bombardier rail deal (CBC)

South Africa’s public corruption watchdog is investigating whether questionable fees were paid to win a $3-billion train contract awarded to a consortium involving Canadian transportation giant Bombardier….

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