Is Powdered Alcohol Inherently Unethical?

business_ethics_highlights_2Is powdered alcohol a bad idea? Critics worry that the novel format will make dangerous use more likely. But so far those worries are entirely hypothetical, the company in question has done a fair bit (via its packaging choices, for instance) to reduce that worry even further. Check out this story from the New York Times >>>

Powdered Alcohol Meets Resistance in U.S. Before It Even Comes to Market

…Mr. Phillips is not the first to develop a powdered form of alcohol. It has been produced in Europe and Japan, and patents have been issued before in the United States. Mr. Phillips’s version, developed by his firm, Lipsmark of Tempe, Ariz., was approved for sale last month by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. However, it is still subject to state regulation.

In response to the growing opposition, Mr. Phillips has vigorously defended his product, called Palcohol….

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