Quotas for Women on Boards?

business_ethics_highlights_2Progress at getting more women onto corporate boards and into senior management positions has been painfully slow. There are pragmatic and ethical reasons to wish progress were quicker. Are quotas the answer? >>>

Does the US need quotas to boost parity in the boardroom?

…“There’s no doubt that men look for qualified women,” Hartman says. “They sit in their chair and they swivel, and they don’t see any women around, and they’re exhausted from all that looking — they don’t know what to do.” She adds, “The board chairs are men, the nominating committees are men, or at least dominated by men, the professional groups are dominated by men, and the regulatory groups are dominated by men. They keep looking and they don’t find any women, so they throw up their hands. It’s self-perpetuating.”….

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