Can Technology Save the NFL?

business_ethics_highlights_2In some people’s eyes, pro football is in trouble, due to increasing awareness of the dangers of permanent neurological damage that go with playing the game. Of course, the sport remains wildly popular. But it’s not a good position for a business to be in. Can technolgy help? >>>

Can Technology Save Football?

In early November, former 49ers linebacker Chris Borland played the game of his life. Replacing injured star Patrick Willis in the starting lineup, the 24-year-old racked up a ridiculous 18 tackles and looked like he’d fit in as well in WWE as he did the NFL. The Niners appeared to have found their defensive leader for the next decade. And then, as quickly as he emerged as one team’s savior, Borland became the entire league’s nightmare when he abruptly retired because of the dangers inherent to the game…..

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