Ethical Baby Wipe Disposal

business_ethics_highlights_2Sometimes everyday products have a surprising effect on the environment, and on the human systems designed to deal with waste. Question: should the companies that make these products be held responsible somehow? In the case discussed here, consumers are using the product as instructed — that is, they’re flushing a product that is labelled as “flushable.” Interesting also to consider a parallel case, in which people flush products not labelled as “flushable.” Would the companies producing the wipes still be responsible for this improper but foreseeable disposal practice? >>>

Should you flush that wipe? (MSNBC)

Chris Hayes goes to the biggest wastewater treatment plant in New York city to see what effect the boom in consumer wipes is having on the country’s sewage systems…. [with video]

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  1. They should label the product to indicate that they should not be flushed.

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