Ethics of Bottled Water

business_ethics_highlights_2Bottled water is the target here: how can it be ethical to get people to pay money for something that comes out of their taps for free? How can it be ethical to buy a product — and add its packaging to the waste stream — when it is 100% replaceable by something that comes out of your kitchen faucet? Not much new here, but still worth reading. The author just about splits the blame evenly between evil water companies and foolish consumers. >>>

The cold truth about our thirst for bottled water

hanks to consumer culture it’s entirely possible to give the Earth a surreptitious kicking on a daily basis… Perhaps the most egregious of all these behaviours is our ongoing commitment to bottled water.

…When the market for sugar-sweetened carbonated soft drinks began to decline in the late 1990s giants such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo knew their future lay in flogging water….

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