Store Makes Point by Charging Men More

business_ethics_highlights_2This is about a store that charges women less, to reflect the fact that statistically women earn less. It’s a store whose very existence is intended to make a point — it’s run by an artist, after all. But it raises, in a new way, an old question: can you compensate for implicit bias by engaging in overt discrimination? >>>

Women pay less than men at Pittsburgh pop-up shop

A pop-up store in Pittsburgh is sending a loud message: men make more than women, so men should pay more than women.

The name of the store, 76<100 reflects the average income of women in Pennsylvania compared with men….

(Note: students of economics will recognize the opportunity for an enterprising woman to engage in arbitrage, here. Would that defeat the point of the project, or be consistent with it?)

p.s. here’s an explanation of the wage gap by Harvard economist Claudia Goldin.

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