Is a Pro Sports Team Obligated to Inform About the Risk of Head Injuries?

business_ethics_highlights_2This piece by former pro hockey player Mike Peluso is about the concussions — and brain damage — that he suffered while an employee of the National Hockey League’s Chicago Blackhawks, Ottawa Senators, St. Louis Blues, Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils. He writes that his employers did too little (nothing?) to warn him of the hidden dangers of being an “enforcer” in the league. A hockey team is not your usual employer, and a pro hockey player is not your typical employee. But it’s a nice example to use to consider the obligations that an employer has. >>>

When the game is over, the enforcer’s suffering has only just begun

“I am just one of many former players dealing with serious health issues, but I joined the concussion lawsuit against the NHL because the entire retired player community needs help. Many suffer in silence”….

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