Slow Fashion: Knowing Where Your Shirt Came From

business_ethics_highlights_2This story hinges on the fact that the preferences in terms of clothing and fashion are not fixed, not chipped in stone. In the realm of food, many people take joy in the making of the final product — either doing it themselves or at least knowing about the details. The proportion of us that prefer fast food and packaged foods is variable. If fewer of us liked that stuff (or if more of us liked it less) that would be a good thing in many ways. The same goes for clothing. That’s what the piece below is about. >>>

Slow Fashion Shows Consumers What It’s Made Of (from NPR)

If you’re into “slow food” — the ethical response to “fast food” — you probably want to know how the animals were treated or whether pesticides were used on your vegetables. Now, the “slow fashion” movement is in the same spirit…..

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