Offended Native Actors Walk Off Set of Adam Sandler Movie

business_ethics_highlights_2Is corporate comedy ethically different from individual standup comedy?

News broke recently that several Native American actors walked off the set of Adam Sandler’s new movie (a western being filmed for Netflix). They were offended by the way the script portrayed (and named) its Native American characters. Humour is properly given broad leeway when it comes to offending sensibilities. Some of our best and brightest comedians — including Louis CK and Chris Rock, certainly — flirt pretty heavily with offensive material. Most people think those risks are worth it. But what about corporate comedy? That’s what Sandler’s new movie is. It’s an organized group of people trying but failing to be edgy along the edges of racial sensitivity. #Fail. >>>

Here are a couple of links:
Video: Adam Sandler’s Producer To Native Actors: ‘Sensitive? You Can Leave’
These Are the Jokes That Caused Actors To Walk Off Adam Sandler’s Set

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