Women Lawyers Building the Firm they Want to Work At

business_ethics_highlights_2Women make less than men, in part because they more seldom get promoted to management and to, say, partnership positions in law firms. One standard reply is that this is the result of women making different choices, including ones related to raising a family. Others respond that not everyone has a wealth of real choice. The story below is about a relatively empowered sub-set of women — namely women lawyers — exercising economic choice by building the kind of firm they want to work at. >>>

A Woman-Led Law Firm That Lets Partners Be Parents

In addition to practicing law, Ms. Simon and her law partner, Rebecca Geller, have a near-evangelical determination to show that parents can nurture their professional ambitions while being fully present in their children’s lives. Ms. Simon has such conviction on this point that she is almost personally offended by suggestions it might not be possible….

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