99% of Starbucks Coffee “Ethically” Sourced

business_ethics_highlights_2So, what does it mean when Starbucks claims that their coffee is “ethically” sourced? It means that the coffee they buy is certified by certification schemes such as FairTrade. Does that mean it’s actually ethical? No. Certification doesn’t guarantee that the coffee is ethically sound. In fact, the FairTrade scheme has been subject to significant criticisms. >>>

Starbucks: 99% ethically sourced java

Ninety-nine percent of the coffee it sells in 2015 will be verified by outside certification specialists as being ethically sourced — meaning it meets rigorous economic, environmental and social standards for the farmers who supply the coffee…..

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  1. Andrew Willis

    While this article is interesting, and points to why Starbucks should be lauded for this initiative, more details about why reaching the goal of 100% ethically sourced coffee is a challenge would be more informative. Some more info is available through this report by Starbucks’: http://www.starbucks.com/responsibility/global-report

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