Chipotle and GMOs: Corporate Irresponsibility?

business_ethics_highlights_2This opinion piece provides a contrarian point of view about the recent move by Chipotles to eliminate genetically modified ingredients from its menu. The writer suggests that, far from being a move toward corporate responsibility, the restaurant chain’s move embodies a socially irresponsible anti-scientific stance. >>>

Corporate irresponsibility over GMOs

This milestone in the history of fast-food scruples (and of advertising) is also a noteworthy cultural development: the systematic incorporation of anti-scientific attitudes into corporate branding strategies. There is no credible evidence that ingesting a plant that has been swiftly genetically modified in a lab has a different health outcome than ingesting a plant that has been slowly genetically modified through selective breeding….

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  1. Shamim

    Very interesting twist on this issue! In an age where science, evidence and rationality are increasingly being displaced by opinions, faith and popular beliefs, the importance of conducting, promoting & relying upon sound research should not be overlooked. Companies are in a better place to do this, due to the impracticability of undertaking this task as an individual consumer on every issue.

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