Treating Employees as Humans

business_ethics_highlights_2It’s amazing how much overlap there is between good ethical advice and plain old good management advice. Case in point: see this piece on how to treat your employees well as a way of keeping them productive. The explicit focus here is on productivity. But as an exercise, check out how many of the 12 “ways” could just as readily be offered as good ethical advice to today’s employers. >>>

LINK: 12 ways to treat your employees as humans (Globe & Mail)

If you want to engage your employees and inspire them to greater productivity, Rodd Wagner believes you will need to change the rules of your workplace.


What do you think?

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  1. Kaitlyn O`Neill

    I strongly agree with all of the points made in this article. If you want to increase the success and productivity of your employees, then you, as an employer must create a company culture that aligns with those goals. Creating this culture means understanding your workers, and their needs, as well as giving them the attention and resources necessary to feel fulfilled and accomplished.

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